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Jennifer (Parrott) Abernathy
Shawnee, KS
April 5, 2012
 I'm really going to miss you WG! When Dylan found out, I was asking him what his favorite memory was and he said, "WG is the one who pays for the pine cones! Now who's gonna pay for them?" Gotta love what comes out of kids mouths! He was so concerned he wasn't going to be albe to earn the go carts anymore!

Granny - I'm thinking of you. I know you're strong! Looking forward to seeing you this summer! I can't wait for you and my dad to meet my husband and step-daughter!

Dusty and Rich Spencer
Vernon, Connecticut
April 6, 2012
 Bill, I will cherish the fond memories I have of you and your welcome when we visited. You always had a smile and a kind word.

Peggy, you and the kids are in my thoughts and prayers always.
Dusty and rich

Duggy and Gil Cyr
Fall River,Ma
April 6, 2012
 Will always be remembered for the kindness and making us

feel like family. Our memories of Co will always be wih us.

Herbie Weidensaul
Lawrence, Kansas
April 15, 2012

betty whiteside
estes park, colorado
April 15, 2012
 my thoughts are with all of you. I have good memories of the family over the years that all of you spent in Estes.

Penny and Henry Bauer
Fort Collins
April 18, 2012
 We were so sorry to learn of your loss. Thinking of you all.

Skylar Parrott
Manhattan, KS
December 12, 2012
 Wish I would have known. Miss you W.G. I hope you're getting plenty of cookies in heaven.

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